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Wanderlust Life

Wanderlust Life Fine Cord Birthstone Necklace - March

Wanderlust Life Fine Cord Birthstone Necklace - March

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A beautifully minimalistic birthstone necklace, featuring a semi-precious gemstone floating on a delicate fine cord, finished with a 14k gold fill clasp and hand stamped tag.

Every piece in the Wanderlust Life collection of birthstone jewellery is accompanied by a message that expands on the stone’s traditional properties, as well as an illustration to bring it's story and message to life.

A perfect birthday gift for a loved one, each gemstone has a unique mantra. An ideal 18th or 21st birthday gift.

The natural properties of semi-precious gemstones mean that no two stones are the same. Whilst each piece of jewellery may vary slightly in appearance to the gemstones photographed, the uniqueness of each stone is something to be celebrated as it means every piece of jewellery is entirely one-of-a-kind.

- semi-precious gemstone, 8mm
- length, 17"
- natural tone fine cord
- 14k gold fill clasp & hand stamped branded tag
- handmade in Devon

Mantra Set Sail
Gemstone Aquamarine
Month March


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